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“Hablando”, because canned dialogues in INTI class are a thing of the past.

The Hablando project was born out of our need for fresh, entertaining material for use in our own INTI online language courses… and our commitment to contributing to innovation in language teaching generally. We wanted our dialogues to be effective, of course, but also to be really enjoyable…. students learn so much more if they come to class with enthusiasm. So humor is an important part of these Spanish-learning videos which are inspired by classic Spanish comedy shows.

Each sketch is written and designed for a specific level of Spanish, and for a specific grammar or vocabulary topic. The real magic is in the humor, so even if you’re a native, you’ll enjoy these “Hablando” sketches.

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hablando - cita a ciegas

Cita a ciegas (Blind date)

Objectives: Practice of the verb "me gusta", express agreement and disagreement regarding preferences. Communicative functions and vocabulary in the restaurant.

hablando - amistades peligrosas

Amistades peligrosas (Dangerous Liasions)

Objectives: Practice of “social” conversation and common get-to-know-you questions when taking initial steps in Spanish .

Hablando - días de fútbol

Días de fútbol (Football days)

Objectives: Comparatives in Spanish. Practice of vocabulary of physical description, parts of the body and animals.

hablando - el ascensor

El ascensor (The elevator)

Objectives: Practice of vocabulary and expressions to talk about the weather. Revise the difference between "muy" and "mucho".

hablando - redes -sociales

Redes sociales (Social Media)

Objectives: Practice of language involved in proposing and rejecting plans.

hablando - que has hecho

¿Que has hecho? (What have you been up to?) (What have you been up to?)

Objectives: Practice of "pretérito perfecto" using regular and irregular participles. Review basic vocabulary connected with family, clothes, household objects and pets.

hablando - buenas amigas

Buenas amigas (Best friends)

Objectives: Revise forms of the future and the conditional. Practice of use of the conditional to give advice.

hablando - elisa


Objectives: Practice the present subjunctive. Revise "temporales" sentences - use of the present subjunctive to express a future action.

hablando - no creo que sea asi

No creo que sea así (I don’t think it’s that)

Objectives: Revise the use of the present subjunctive. Expressing difference of opinion using the subjunctive. Expressing opinions about art.

hablando - no por favor

¡No por favor! (No, please no!) (No, please no!)

Objectives: Revise the most frequent uses of "por" and "para". Expressing opinions about music.

hablando - firma tu primero

Firma tu primero (You go first)

Objectives: Revise "concesivas" sentences and most frequent “conectores”. Practice making impossible hypotheses .

Estoy harta de Star Wars (B1/B2)

Objetivos: Practicar una función comunicativa muy útil y muy cultural en España: quejarse con subjuntivo.

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