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Course for School groups:

With Dimensions, traditional roles are reversed as the student is the protagonist and the teacher the guide.

This course is anchored in creative and collaborative learning and students work on projects together using innovative in-house resources and tools.

Their work is later published on our web alongside that of other teams and this element of healthy competition serves as a stimulus for diligent work and all the satisfaction that brings.


all levels
(A2 - C1)

spanish learning with creativity and imagination

total immersion
only Spanish is used in lessons

video conferencing with Zoom
(no downloads)

max. 12 students per group
(average 7)


lessons per day

Price (per student)
from 135€
Days 3 lessons/day 4 lessons/day

Decipher the mystery of Dimensions

Planet Earth is running out of time. The fate of the human race is very clear: there are 200 years left before the planet commences its self-destruction. It seems that all is lost… but, suddenly, hope has arisen.

We have received an important message from a civilization in outer space. The enigmatic text offers us a glimmer of hope. One last chance. They are offering to help us reverse the destruction of the world right now. To do this, humanity must choose a group of young people who will take up the challenge that Dimensions entails.

What is this challenge all about? While traveling through five virtual dimensions our young saviours will reflect on themselves and the world, and come up with reasons to save our planet. The ultimate goal is to create a case in favour of humanity’s salvation. There is a product to sell: ourselves as a species.


Day 1 Dimension: EGO

The theme of this day revolves around Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset’s famous maxim: I am me and my circumstances. It focuses on our personalities and everything that has shaped them: family, society, cultural heritage and so on…

Day 2 Dimension: PIXEL

This day is dedicated to screens and the digital world, as students are encouraged to reflect on the impact of digitization on our way of being.

Day 3 Dimension: WORLD

A day dedicated to globalization, and the wonders and challenges of our world.

Day 4 Dimension: FANTASY

A day reserved for creativity, the paranormal, magic and mystery.

Day 5 Dimension: TIME

This day is dedicated to time in the broad sense. Where have we come from and where are we doing? How do we spend (or waste) our time?

And now, the final task:

Your challenge is to convince someone that humans are worth saving. The best proposals will be posted on the web and will compete in a contest.

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