At INTI we are committed to new technologies and innovative proposals in the field of education. That is why we are constantly developing new projects to improve and update teaching and resources to learn Spanish.


resource talking


The best humor sketches to continue practicing Spanish, each one written and designed for a specific linguistic aspect and for a specific level of Spanish.
And with materials to work on in class!

facebook vs instagram resource

ser y estar

A video that will resonate with any user of these two giant social media networks, whose comparison is a vehicle to help students better understand the difference between “ser” and “estar”, a classic Spanish teaching topic.


recurso 150 palabras mas usadas en el español
recurso otras 1200 palabras mas usadas en el español
recurso falsos amigos

False friends

When two words in different languages or dialects look similar, but have different meanings.

1000 education related terms for teachers


Coming soon…


recurso microrrelatos


Discover Inti’s fantastic Spanish learning short stories in audio and text format. Romance, comedy, drama, mystery – a multitude of genres to suit learners of all levels.


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recurso Pretérito perfecto vs pretérito indefinido

Pretérito perfecto VS pretérito indefinido

A teaching activity for either face-to-face or online lessons, in which we analyze the differences between the use of the “pretérito perfecto” and “pretérito indefinido” (loosely the present perfect and past simple in English).


recurso palíndromos


Word or phrase whose letters are arranged in such a way that it is the same read from left to right as from right to left.

recurso tú decides

tú decides

A fantastic educational tool that combines the audio, the text and the image in several stories that your students will have to conform by choosing what the protagonists will do.

recurso seminarios interactivos

Seminarios interactivos

Spanish culture classes take on another dimension with interactive seminars. Your students will be the protagonists of the great works of Spanish-speaking culture. They will never forget it and have a great time!

Diseñad vuestro propio FESTIVAL de MÚSICA


El objetivo de este taller es acercar a los alumnos al mundo de la organización de eventos musicales. Aprenderán tanto los recursos lingüísticos necesarios como los factores a tener en cuenta si se encuentran en este ámbito. En grupos pequeños diseñarán su propio evento. Y para el grupo que tenga la mejor propuesta habrá un premio. ¿Comenzamos?

recurso refranero


How important are proverbs for Spanish speakers! They are an essential part of the language, as well as a transmitter of the culture and values of the people who speak Spanish. Here you have a selection with the most used ones.

recurso trabalenguas

Tongue twister

We offer you a challenge for you or, if you are a teacher, for your students: a list with the best tongue twisters to practice difficult phonetic aspects of the Spanish language. Because pronouncing well is also important.

Taller de hoteles

Taller de hoteles

Aprenderán tanto los recursos lingüísticos necesarios como los factores a tener en cuenta si se encuentran en este ámbito. En el taller se debatirá, se harán diferentes tareas, se completarán ejercicios,… Incluso en grupos pequeños diseñarán su propio hotel. ¿Comenzamos?


8 essential online resources

8 resources

8 resources that can help you a lot in your task of learning or perfecting Spanish. On the internet there are a large number of tools and for the user it is a very complicated task to filter all those that may be useful or even essential.

recurso chistes


It is always said that when you are able to understand or tell a joke in the language you study, it means that you have achieved a great level. With jokes we understand puns, funny concepts, surprising endings… Use these jokes in class to have a good time and expand vocabulary.

recurso los colmos

Los colmos

The expressions It’s the last straw! or is the straw that broke the camel’s back are used to describe an event that ended your patience, with a relationship, with a specific situation… But there are also funny phrases that use the last straw, such as the following, to make exaggerated jokes. Enjoy them.

Posters CREA


Our new CREA Posters. You can download them for free.

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