hablando (A1)

Días de fútbol (Football days)

Objectives: Comparatives in Spanish. Practice of vocabulary of physical description, parts of the body and animals.

The Hablando project was born out of our need for fresh, entertaining material for use in our own INTI online language courses… and our commitment to contributing to innovation in language teaching generally.

We sought to take advantage of new technologies and breathe new life into traditional language learning vehicles to make our resources appealing to today’s generation of students and teachers. The power of a resource and impact on learning is several-fold when a student looks forward to lessons.

Thus, a new take on video dialogue. Our Hablando series is inspired by classic Spanish comedy shows and combine humor and storytelling.  Students have an incentive to watch as they want to see what happens… and they laugh as they learn.

Each sketch is written and designed for a specific level of Spanish, and for a particular grammar point or vocabulary topic.  There are translations of the script and worksheets which can be used in lessons or for self-study.

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