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Dieter Wiggert

My five favourite villages in Spain – Guetaria

2. Guetaria (Province of Guipúzcoa) In the 1980s I used to go to the Zarautz campsite (I remember that in the summer of 1983 there were tremendous floods). We chose Zarautz because it was a party place with a lot of vice and in those days the owners or DJs

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Amanda Wiggert

San Sebastián

If there’s one place that puts a smile on my face it’s San Sebastian in the Basque Country. I think this is because I am very greedy. This is the food capital of a food kingdom. It’s also because it looks a little bit like a little Rio de Janeiro

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Amanda and Dieter

Hello everybody!

Greetings from Salamanca, Spain and welcome to our BLOG.

We've been living in Spain for over 30 years and are looking forward to sharing insights and experiences about our much loved adopted home.

Rather than providing a trot through every city or an exhaustive what to do list when in a place, posts focus on a few of our favourite things. Places to eat, stay, drives, sunsets will feature. Some well known, some secret. And wine, cooking, sport and Spanish treats too.

Amanda Wiggert McCarthy

"I'm calling to tell you that you are going to Salamanca next year on some new EU wheeze called Erasmus. I forgot to pick anyone last term. Going to take the first three I find who speak Spanish. ¿Tú hablas español, no?"

And so I landed in Salamanca and it all began ...

Dieter Wiggert

I was nineteen and aboard a train in Germany when a brochure left behind on the seat beside me entitled “Learn Spanish in Spain” caught my eye. It was packed with Spanish schools dotted all over Spain.

One city had a name that was so appealing I said it to myself out loud a few times: Salamanca. And that was that. Just a few weeks later I Ianded up here.

We hope to have shared our love of Spanish and Latin America
and will be back soon to paint more pictures in your mind…

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