Open for all Inti students and anyone interested in Spanish and Hispano American language and culture, our free activities take place live (via Zoom) once per week with our Inti teachers (on Wednesdays at 11.00 and 18.00, local Spanish time).

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Classes last 45 minutes and take place live with an Inti Spanish teacher (via Zoom) at 11:00 and 18:00 (local Spanish time).
Please check that the class is appropiate for your level.
You will find more information about the free classes below.

Please sign in by latest Monday before 20:00 if you would like to participate in the Wednesday activity.

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Free Spanish

Once a week Inti organizes free activities for all those keen on learning in a fun, dynamic and interactive way. There are four types of activity in which you will variously discover new online learning resources, practice your grammar in a super fun way, learn more about Spanish and Hispano-American culture… and lots more!
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11:00 y 18:00

La diferencia entre "ser" y "estar" - The difference between ser and estar

En este vídeo hacemos un paralelismo significativo de ser/estar y Facebook /Instagram, y nos servimos de él para que vosotros comprendáis mejor un tema tan clásico en la enseñanza de español.
In this video we make a significant parallel of the differences between ser / estar and Facebook / Instagram on the other. By taking advantage of the resonant defining characteristics of social media students gain a better understanding of this a classic grammar point.




11:00 y 18:00

¿Qué opinas? - Expresar opiniones en español - How to express opinions in Spanish

En esta clase te enseñaremos cómo expresar tu opinión. Tenemos un video y fichas para abrir debate. In this class we will teach you how to express your opinion in Spanish. There is a video and prompt cards to kick off a debate.


For anyone who wants
to improve their grammar
and enjoy it!


Interested in the resources
out there to help you
learn Spanish?
This is the activity for you.


Discover more
about the fascinating
cultures of Spain
and Latinamerica.


Creation and learning
go hand in hand and
you’ll do lots of both
with these activities.

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