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Course for School groups:
Inti’s Spanish week(s)

The intensive nature of Inti’s Spanish journey makes all the difference- Usually students are rushing from subject to subject.
With 3 or 4 lessons lessons each day dedicated to Spanish and only Spanish, students quickly notice a huge improvement in their Spanish speaking confidence, understanding and ability to produce written Spanish. Eachers decide on modules which can include review of contents already seen at school, presentation of new ones or preparation for an exam.

all levels
(A1 - C1)

you decide:
days, timings, modules

total immersion
only Spanish is used in lessons

video conferencing with Zoom
(no downloads)

max. 12 students per group
(average 7)


lessons per day

Price (per student)
from 81€
Días 3 lessons/day 4 lessons/day

How our module-learning system works

We work with a module system so you can tailor your students’ course to their needs and interests. The three hour course has three 50 minute time slots or sessions and the four hour course has four 50 minute sessions which are repeated daily. Modules can usually take up one or two sessions daily as specified below (except for the beginners module which is not combinable with others and thus uses up all the sessions) .

So you can pick two, three or four modules from the following:


Crafted for learners of all types, students of lower levels develop proficiency in the everyday situations we come across in a Spanish-speaking country. For higher level students the focus is on specific, interesting and current topics to help them take an active role in conversations with Spanish speakers. Debates, role play, theatricality, competitions, … all are vehicles to develop the student’s communication skills.

  • Minimum daily session: 1
  • Maximum daily sessions: 2


In our Divergrama sessions, your students will work on the grammar topics that you select (from A2 to C1) in a fun way. Through gamification, videos and online tools, students integrate grammar naturally into their oral and written expression.

  • Minimum daily session: 1
  • Maximum daily sessions: 2

Cultura con ñ

Spanish and Latin American culture have never been more appealing. In these sessions your students will discover traditions, customs, art, history, film, music … and they will be able to compare the Hispanic experience with that of their own country.

  • Minimum daily session: 1
  • Maximum daily sessions: 2

Creando Proyectos

The ball is very much in the students’ court in this dynamic task-based module. Students work in small groups and develop projects that are published on the Inti website alongside those of other participating centres.

  • Minimum daily session: 1
  • Maximum daily sessions: 2

Agenda 2030

In accordance with the United Nations initiative, this module comprises sessions in which students, using Spanish, work on cross-cutting issues such as ecology, education, equality or responsible use of new technologies.

  • Minimum daily session: 1
  • Maximum daily sessions: 2

Mundo Laboral

This module is dedicated to Spanish for work purposes. Your students will learn specific vocabulary, email-writing or how to perform best in a job interview … and much more. Tourism, the economy, the business world and advertising will all have their place in this module’s creative and practical sessions.

  • Minimum daily session: 1
  • Maximum daily sessions: 2

¡S,O,S, examen!

If your students are sitting an official exam (DELE, IB, A LEVEL, GCSE, …), this module will give them that boost which will mean a better result. With this in mind, the focus is on specific material for each test so your students work on the areas they need to improve the most.

  • Minimum daily sessions: 2
  • Maximum daily sessions: 4

Español Inicial

Designed for those taking their first steps in Spanish-learning, this all-round course covers the first part of the A1 syllabus. Students learn interactively through games, activities and basic communication situations.

  • Minimum/Maximum daily sessions: 3 /4 sessions per day.

This is a stand alone module.

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